Play & Read Phonics

Teach your children to read

It's a fact! Children that learn to associate fun to reading will read more and do remarkably better in school than other children.
Now you can teach your children to read in a playful, fun way! In just a few short months, your child will be able to read written words, sentences and even their first book! With the Play & Read Kit (phonics) , your child will learn through fun activities such as:

  • Matching
  • Making
  • Reading
  • and Spelling!

These simple, fun, yet highly effective exercises will give your
child the head-start he needs in learning to read!

The Play & Read System Includes:

  • 1 Progress Chart
  • Instructional Booklet
  • Instructional Video Tape
  • 20 Word Boards
  • 320 Flash Cards and
  • 1389 Letter Cards

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"After Love and Affection, Reading is the Most Important Gift You Can Give Your Child"
-Mrs. Goldhagen
Copyright 2010