To make it possible for every child to receive the gift of reading, Lifelong Learning Systems, Inc. offers 2-3 hours seminars to teach adults how the Play & Read system works

Nancy Goldhagen, author will speak on her newly published book So we want our Children to Read? 50 fun strategies to make it happen. The purpose of a seminar is:

  • to learn about a new approach to reading: phonics, whole language and fun strategies
  • to see and work with the Play & Read products
  • to see how strategies are implemented
  • to view a video and see how children have learned
  • to hear success stories
  • to ask questions
  • to meet new people and form fellowship with parents whose goal is the educational success of their children
  • to build confidence in your ability to teach children to read

phone: (630)773-2363
fax: (630)773-0023

"After Love and Affection, Reading is the Most Important Gift You Can Give Your Child"
-Mrs. Goldhagen
Copyright 2010