Real Customer Experiences

"Mrs. Goldhagen's many years of teaching reading to young children have been highly successful. She has incorporated her techniques in the Play & Read kit. Teachers at the Science and Arts Acadamy highly endorse this excellent approach. It makes a child's first experience with reading one of enthausiasm and joy. I strongly endorse this reading program."

-Dr. Helene Bartz, Founder Science and Arts Academy

"I own a daycare and Mrs. Goldhagen's book of strategies has been invaluable! My youngest child at the daycare, who is learning to read, is 16 months old. Playing the game "See Four-Give Me One", she can pick out words and never make a mistake. She can't even talk yet.
My oldest child is five years old and has difficulty learning. Mrs. Goldhagen's strategies are very important in helping me to teach him how to read.
My four year old has learned to read 104 words in five weeks! He is reading small books already!

Following the strategies in this book make reading fun for the children. I have seen amazing results. I highly recommend the book."

-Joan Wardzala, Day Care Center Director

"When our son Stephen was four, we were both concerned with his academic abilities. We were contemplating holding him back a year. We then met Mrs. Goldhagen and her unique system of teaching reading. After only six months working with the Play & Read kit our son mastered all his phonics sounds (320 words) and 100 sight words. All this was accomplished with only 15 minutes a day. Stephen can now spell all (320) phonics words. He can read on the second grade level and his comprehension is excellent. This fall Stephen will be entering first grade. We are grateful to Mrs. Goldhagen for introducing us to the Play & Read program."

-Tony and Phyllis Cimaglia

Inspired by her remarkable success, Mrs. Goldhagen sees a vision and a compelling mission to fulfill: to make this system of reading available to all children. Parents can experience the same joy in teaching children to read and, in the process, develop a warm adult-child relationship.


"After Love and Affection, Reading is the Most Important Gift You Can Give Your Child"
-Mrs. Goldhagen
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